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BL / Shounen-Ai : Our Story | OreMono The story of a certain boy, his teacher, and his friends. >A< This is my first comic... please bear with the countless mistakes m(_ _)m and cheesiness o///o Warnings: -English is not my first language -Unstable drawing style & page presentation -Cheesiness D: + lots of Drama -Fillers are in the first folder >A< don't say you weren't warned! 8D Other than that, I hope you'll find this worth reading. Thanks! -------- Current Status: HIATUS.


READ ME! Chapter Summaries

--well not really! XD The way I typed these still looked long!! But I hope this helps...
*Chapter 4 is very long because it is where a lot of things got revealed XD But believe me I tried to shorten it a bit---
*Chapter 5: there are a few explanations regarding Miki and Jin, please read them too! ^.^
*Character names are in bold the first time they got mentioned.

Hello dear readers! I've got a lil free time right now and I'm almost done with page 135. So I thought I'll put up chapter summaries for all of you to read if you feel a little lost of what's happening.

I don't blame you though ;A; There are a lot of things that has happened in this comic so some of you might be confused right now. I also missed a couple of things I said I'll do such as the Characters' Background/History; I apologize... Anyway enough of my blabber...

Chapter 01:
Ichihara, Makoto and Satoshi talked about the rumors regarding the "strict" English teacher around the campus. Due to boredom, and the unexplainable reason that Ichi gets irritated by the kind of facade their English teacher is showing, he sets off to prove that the rumors of him being gay is true. Ichi planned to get him and expose his real identity to the whole school---to shame him of course. He came up with an idea to piss the teacher off to get a detention and that's where he'll lay down a deal: "I'll be a good boy if you go out with me"
Unfortunately the teacher declines and pisses off Ichi even more.
---(there's a little peek of the teacher's past in here as well---he was previously in a relationship with one of his students a few years ago)

Chapter 02:
Ichi thought of a new plan: In order to know more about the teacher and his type of guys(?) he planned to stalk him. But in the end he finds out a different kind of information regarding the teacher: his real personality, opposite of how he is at school. A new idea comes to mind together with nasty imaginations he thought of that he could do to the teacher to shame him---- LOL

Satoshi and Makoto are the best friends of Ichi. One day Satoshi gets moved by the laughing Makoto in front of him (Makoto barely laughs, that's why), realizing that it wasn't the first time that it happened he started questioning his real feelings towards his best friend.

Chapter 03:
Ichi decided to act "good" in front of the teacher: Kaoru-sensei. In order to get his attention and get closer to him (He volunteered to deliver the papers to the faculty room)---where a mini accident happened with the baseball (ball). Later that night Kaoru-sensei checked the papers and he was surprised to see that Ichi passed his homework for the first time; which made him wonder about the boy's real intentions. He asked himself what if Ichi's serious.
Later on Ichi got into a fight with two boys in the locker room---he overheard them talking about Kaoru-sensei and were planning to do the same thing he planned first: bet whether he's gay. Mixed reasons caused him to start a fight with them. Kaoru-sensei gets informed because one of the boys said it was because of him that the conflict started; feeling a bit guilty and responsible, Kaoru-sensei went to see Ichi. Moved by the act, Sensei thought that "maybe, just maybe the boy's serious of going out with me afterall". Setting his worries aside he comforts Ichi and tells him that he's agreeing to go out with him.

*Sensei tutors Ichi in English because he knew very well how he sucks in grammar and spelling---

Chapter 04: LONG CHAPTER!
Ichi informs Satoshi about the progress of his plans; Satoshi warns him but being the guy full of confidence that he is, he brushes it off. Slowly he gets accustomed to studying and doing his homeworks---he started spending time with Sensei during their study/review time.

One day Satoshi sees Makoto with two unknown guys, he wondered who they were but it seems like they are not strangers at all.
A fellow teacher of Kaoru-sensei (the teacher who informed him of the locker-room conflict): Chisato-sensei goes up to Satoshi to ask him of a favor. Almost twice a week Satoshi meets up with Chisato-sensei regarding the favor she asked of him.

Ichi and Satoshi had a small talk on the rooftop; Satoshi decided to talk to Makoto since he's been distant the past few days. The next day Satoshi was able to get Makoto to talk to him. Both of them were asking/annoying each other which lead to Satoshi getting all jealous and he did something that made Makoto mad: he kissed him---and their conflict starts... The kiss went before the confession, Makoto walks away, pissed off and confused.

For the next few days the two didn't talk to each other. And the introduction of the two guys happened: Tsukasa and Mitsuki.
Both are also childhood friends of the three boys. After Tsukasa went abroad, Mitsuki became friends with Ichi, Satoshi and Makoto. But then he went abroad later on as well where he coincidentally meets Tsukasa. (small world, I know xD) This is also the point where Ichi's real health condition gets revealed. He's got a sickness and is still under medication, this fact has affected the way Ichi grew up.
The chapter also reveals that Tsukasa has feelings for Ichi---and that Sensei is actually Mitsuki's older brother from whom he got a lucky charm which he gave later on to Ichi after he finds out that the "magic" Ichi is talking about was actually a "cancer" he has.

(When they were kids Ichi told Mitsuki that he's got magic powers to make the people around him obey what he says---that magic seems to be his sickness. When someone's ill people tend to be more caring of that person, don't they?)

READ to understand Ichihara's behavior: LITTLE ICHI

But Sensei is not aware that the sick kid Mitsuki befriended when he was young is actually Ichi.

Ichi and Sensei went to a date--- Ichi gave Sensei his cellphone number because Sensei's leaving notes/messages in Ichi's locker instead. Stuff happened which made Ichi VERY confused now. He started avoiding Sensei to get back to his previous state of mind. But Sensei gets annoyed because of this sudden change. He confronts Ichi and unfortunately Tsukasa overhears about the "relationship" these two have. Sensei gets pissed off and walks out, Ichi calls Satoshi to talk about what happened and ask for advice. The two were talking when Sensei decides to go back and apologize to Ichi for being rough. But then he ends up hearing Ichi's excuse, that he can't fall in love with Sensei and it's all just a game for him.

---train scene after the date; realization of deeper feelings and other cheesy stuff ;A; ---

Chapter 05:
(This chapter is divided into two parts due to the loooong content)
The chapter starts out with Tsukasa's past. This is where you'll learn more about him :3

He calls Mitsuki to tell him about what he overheard regarding Sensei and Ichi's relationship. He tells him to participate in a plan to break off the relationship between the two (which is currently in a very murky condition). It gets revealed here that Mitsuki has a girlfriend named Hitomi
One day Ichi started receiving notes in his locker from Sensei again-what's the point of giving him your cellphone number?!? For days this thing continued, and Sensei is still ignoring Ichi. Quite ironic. But actually Sensei couldn't help but care and at the same time he's still very disappointed, depressed and confused of what he found out in the end of Chapter 04.

Tsukasa started out his plan by getting all mushy and close with Ichi--which pisses off Sensei; he's about to leave another note in Ichi's locker when he saw them.
Tsukasa confronted Sensei and blackmailed him to break it off with Ichi if he don't want to lose his job and Ichi to get expelled. Sensei is now even more confused... Tsukasa can really be an ass =.=

Ichi and Mitsuki have spending some quality time together (lol): Ichi asked Mitsuki not to let Sensei know about his health condition, he agreed.
Mitsuki went home and decided to tease his brother for some fun, he told him he might actually like Ichi:

CONFUSED and annoyed with all the hindrances (read:Tsukasa and Mitsuki) around Sensei didn't know what to do anymore. He was busy thinking about it when he saw Tsukasa all clingy to Ichi which made him suuuper mad. He grabbed Ichi and dragged him off into a vacant room where he almost raped him---the conflict between these two got worse at this point.

***Tsukasa tried to go after them but Mitsuki stopped him. Mitsuki probably knows and understands what's going on around him by that time--- he was just kidding about him liking Ichi btw :D

Tsukasa's mom called him, she's sick and wants him to take care of her for the mean time. Tsukasa files a Leave of Absences (LoA) for sometime to go abroad. Makoto and Tsukasa talked before he left, at this point Tsukasa's aware of what's going on with Makoto and Satoshi (he noticed the sudden change in their relationship recently). He lectures him about love and the like--- just like a big brother. Makoto realized how much Tsukasa has changed, he's all matured now (but he's still selfish! xD lol).

One day while on his way home, Sensei sees a very familiar face from a distance; it was his ex-boyfriend, Miki. Contrary to how he was just before he resigned from his previous school, Miki looks very fine.
*Sensei thought Miki went mentally unstable because of the rumors, pressure and social criticism after their relationship got exposed*
He was thankful that Miki seemed to be recovered, he walked away. But one of Miki's friends, Jin sees him. He goes after Sensei and the two of them talked for some time. Sensei found out that the "mental issue" with Miki was nothing but a facade to make Sensei break it off with Miki.

Miki loved Sensei, that's why when his dad forced him to end it up with Sensei he couldn't do so. His dad told him that it's all for his good and he just have to pretend to be mentally sick to make Sensei be the one to end it all. Sensei, feeling responsible for everything, resigned from the school and decided never to see Miki again---it was such a hard decision for him at that time.

Jin on the other hand has been in love with Sensei, but being a close "friend" of Miki he just couldn't let Sensei know of his feelings way back. But now is a different case, and he thought maybe this time he could finally tell him how he feels. When Sensei resigned, he tried looking for him but his efforts ended up in vain.
*Sensei is such a gentle teacher way back--- I am telling you he's so... vulnerable to all types of attack. LOL He just changed right after the incident with Miki*

Jin confessed to Sensei and asked him to go out with him. Sensei agreed hoping that he could move on from the current heartbreak he had.

Meanwhile Ichi's been spending some time with Mitsuki. One day Satoshi asked where's Makoto, according to Ichi and Mitsuki he's sick. So Satoshi decided to visit him. Makoto on the other hand was reminiscing their childhood days, obviously he missed hanging out with Satoshi.
When Satoshi knocked on Makoto's door---he didn't answer (he's full of pride isn't he?!) Until the knocking died down and a sudden realization hit him just like that: What if he gets tired and leaves me? Makoto felt scared of losing Satoshi so he went down but he wasn't there anymore. The rain has started pouring but still he went out to look for him; remembering Tsukasa's word he decided to give in to his real feelings. Exhausted he almost gave up and sits down under a tree, unknowingly Satoshi's just inside the convenience store in front of the tree: out to buy an umbrella (he planned to return to Makoto's house afterward as well). He rushed to Makoto and things got cleared after. The two were able to fix up their conflict and misunderstanding.

Chapter 06:
Hitomi is actually Chisato-sensei's younger sister.
Chisato-sensei is Kaoru-sensei's close friend.
The sisters are "fujoshis" and the favor Chisato-sensei asked from Satoshi is connected with their fandom. *Will explain this later on*

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Chapter 6 + RECAP

Thank you for those who kept this comic in their Favorites up until now~
I know that it might get boring at times (or often) but that's why I am thanking you for bearing with me~

So Chapter 6 will be about Sensei and Ichi.
Updates might be slow... or fast or whatever but I'll try to post pages as fast as I can so I won't confuse you.

I have planned what will happen for the next 3 pages or so, all that is left to do is to draw them XD

If there is something you do not get about the story or something you forgot you can always ask me ^.^

BTW as a recap for what happened in the previous pages for those who already forgot please read:

Sensei & Tsukasa had a mini conflict that's why when Sensei saw Tsukasa getting all over Ichi he snapped right at the moment.
He dragged him and almost raped him (he was jealous and mad at the same time cause he thought Ichi was just fooling around with him due to the conversation Sensei overheard way back in Ch. 4) That didn't formally end their relationship though, however, the awkwardness is THERE!!!

Sensei meets his previous boyfriend's FRIEND, JIN, whom he's trying to go out with right now.
Tsukasa goes abroad due to her sick mom's request.
Satoshi & Makoto are finally going out :D

I hope this help. :3


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Please Read: Ch. 05

:D hello guys~ as you all noticed, i've started my... fast updates for chapter 5. :D i've uploaded 8 pages in 2-3 days. LOL

since i'm now on vacation. expect to see more. *A* o please don't get tired of them cause i know it might actually kill the suspense...
unlike when you have to wait for a week or so for another page. lol
and within the span of 2 months i managed to upload 100+ pages *embarrassed*

anyway i'll just post up a few notices for Chapter 05:
Chapter 05 is going to be a long chapter, probably like the previous one. It will feature all characters so you get to see Satoshi and Makoto in the middle part + even Chisato-sensei :D
lol not that anyone likes em haha =.= i feel like my characters are lacking some presence...

anyway despite the free time i have i may do little experiments with the pages, so the toning and linearts might vary in the whole of chapter 5. i hope you wont get distracted or turned down by it though.

and as i have announced earlier, there will be soft yaoi somewhere in the middle part... and around the last part.

for now i've sketched out the VERY rough drafts for pages 85-89

thank you for reading~
i am also encouraging comments to help make this comic better... :3
and if you have questions, please ask them anytime.



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after almost 2 months of being around SJ i happen to stumble upon REALLY REALLY REALLY GREAT ARTISTS! im sooo happy i decided to be a regular in this website. T.T seriously

you know, i was checking out random comics when i started noticing A LOT of amazing ones! and i couldn't stop myself from admiring all those great works.
from the art to plot. everything.

and just now i happen to see three great comics (sadly, one has already ended and the two are like... not updated anymore?)

i was filled with admiration for those artists behind those comics.
seriously they're so amazing i wanna save all their pages and stalk them via DA or whatever method i can. LOL

well it makes me feel inspired. and even if there's a bit part of me that wishes : "God, i hope i am this good" and a little bit of envy (LOL who would not?!) i am still happy just being able to see such wonderful drawings.

*A* i am just sooo inspired and happy right now i felt like i wanna write about it.

i've been reading a couple of comics from SJ users until now and yes... they're worth reading indeed! different plots and various art-styles from different amazing people *Q* gosh, i wish i could express my admiration for these wonderful artists fully. sadly i cant cause i am not really good with expressing myself.

anyway i just want to let this out. <3

i wish i could see more of SJ's awesome comics and artists.

gotta keep looking! :D
although i've been stalking more of the BL-comics around SJ--honestly.

oh well... *8888888* for the all the artists/mangakas here on SJ!
goodluck to everybody working on their own comics/mangas.

as for me, i'll try my best to improve.
thank you for reading mine. ^.^


posted by himitsu_no_koto @ November 26th, 2010, 10:36 am  -  4 comments

Chapter 3

i can't wait to finish the 3rd chapter. which i am going to do within the coming days... my midterms had just ended (though i still have one exam next week) so i pretty much think i can do it within the week.

to everyone who reads this manga, i am really thankful~
although being around SJ often (like im doing right now) makes me notice a lot of people unfaving my manga---which is sad.

XD haha but it can't be helped! i should really mind it less.

im happy i can work on this manga and share it to people.
and there are those who enjoy it-- that's what matters most, i think.
i don't know until what chapter this manga might reach.
but i have sketched the first few pages of the next chapter.

hope you'll look forward to it.
i apologize for the art instability. >.< pfftt---


until next post! see yah~~~

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Sketches Pages

:D Hello~ Thank you for reading up til now~! i really appreciate it~

All the +favs and comments... thank you very much. :3

i just wrote this post to let you know that i am slowly working on the
Sketches and Characters pages.

I have some uploaded sketches already on the page, so if you want, please check them out too. they're just semi-rough sketches though.

hope you'll like them~~

the Characters' page is still under-construction. Although it's important for readers to understand the characters more xD i'll update it soon!

btw, i just created another BL manga:
Last Autumn's First Love

it's sketchy and rough xD but i hope you'll take a look at it as well.
since i'm slowly entering the busiest months of my school-term i might not be able to update as much as i did before. sorry for spamming you with non-stop updates before :B

once again-

THANKS A LOT!! \(^w^)/



posted by himitsu_no_koto @ October 24th, 2010, 2:50 am  -  1 comments

Thank you!

I haven't updated in 2 days! Although I am really really in the mood to do so... :( But since I have this discussion paper due on Tuesday, I can't really hold my pencil and do the rough sketches of the next page.

Anyway I would like to thank everyone who added my manga into their favorites. I truly appreciate it and it motivates me to continue with it.

I hope that you'll like whatever it is I have in store for you :3
You may also think that some of the scenes in my manga are cliched xD but it's okay, since I do think so too! :P I'll try to come up with original ones though every once in a while. But don't expect! :P

Please look forward to the next coming pages. I will try my best to improve on my drawing and toning! :D

Thank you again and see you~

posted by himitsu_no_koto @ October 3rd, 2010, 7:20 am  -  2 comments


i finished 4 pages today. but they were kind'a rushed.
and im not really happy with them.
orz i might try different styles from now on to see what fits in with my schedule... thank you to those who added my story on their favorites :D

i'll try to put more effort on the coming pages...

posted by himitsu_no_koto @ October 1st, 2010, 4:18 am  -  0 comments

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