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PLEASE READ: (kind'a long though)

*A story about guys falling in love,anxiety,acceptance and a few more drama xD
-I'm not good in humor,but I tried adding some random stuff-

Synopsis: It all started with a "trip"
Due to the unexplainable irritation Ichihara Yuuki (aka Ichi) has for their English teacher Kaoru-sensei, he decided to prove the rumor that Kaoru-sensei is a homosexual to be true so he can humiliate him in the end by exposing him to everybody.

So he started plotting out plans, and blackmailed him to go out with him,but it didn't work.
Kaoru-sensei on the other hand was known to be the strict, and cold type of teacher.But Ichi saw a different side of him when he started his "stalking-mission". (Ch.2)

In the end,will he succeed?
What if someone comes in and ruins everything he's been working hard for?
Side Story:
Makoto and Satoshi are childhood friends of Yuuki. Satoshi in the process of growing up felt strange attractions toward him.

What if it was more than a friend thing?

"They say that life is only once... and we don't know how long will we live in this world...So don't be afraid to make mistakes cause we all learn from it. Don't be scared to take risks cause who knows, we might just find what we're actually looking for. Life is only once for all of us, but how long will one's life be, is a matter that varies."

I hope you will enjoy reading this story...